Civil Court

In addition to criminal law, my office also handles a variety of civil matters covering everything from individual estate and trust setup to business development with aspiring entrepreneurs. I provide the same level of aggressive advocacy and attention to detail in civil matters as I do in criminal defense, and that is why my clients often return and ask that I help with all of their legal issues. Clients deserve the opportunity to speak with an attorney who will take the time necessary to gather the relevant information and steer the client in the right direction. That is why I always begin by thoroughly reviewing all facets of the case, and work with the client to develop a strategy from the very beginning. In estate and trust matters this often means traveling to the client and making special arrangements to help protect their personal and financial wellbeing. With aspiring entrepreneurs, this means reviewing the start-up plan and advising them with regard to everything from rental agreements and employee contracts to entity formation. Having handled landlord tenant issues, residential and commercial lease agreements, business contracts, civil suits arising out of criminal cases, health care advocate designations, and emergency estate planning, I know how to work toward achieving the results you expect.

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