Justin C. Black, PLC is devoted to providing the best representation possible to protect the rights of criminal defendants. Clients need to know that they have an attorney that is going to take the time to examine the entire case and walk them through the legal process step by step. Mr. Black begins by meeting with the client to gain an understanding of the underlying issues, he reviews the evidence gathered by the police, and develops what he thinks will be the prosecutor’s theory of the case. This enables Mr. Black to develop a strategy to achieve the best outcome possible, and work with the client so they know what to expect when they go to court. This requires more than just an understanding of the law; it requires familiarity with the police department, the prosecutor, and knowledge of how each judge handles specific cases.

Having represented clients in alcohol and drug offenses, assault and domestic violence, fraud and theft crimes, probation violations, personal protection orders, driver’s license restoration, record expungement, and firearms rights, Mr. Black has the experience necessary to obtain the best results in your particular case.

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