Drug Possession

If you face drug possession charges it is important to have an attorney that knows the law, police procedures, and the strategies that can help you avoid significant jail, onerous probation, and even protect your driver’s license. Drug charges can range from misdemeanor possession of marijuana to felony possession of cocaine, heroin or prescription “analogue” drugs. Under certain circumstances you can even be charged with the additional felony offence of delivery and manufacturing or maintaining a drug house. All of these charges have significant legal consequences and hiring the right attorney to help protect your rights is extremely important. I always start by taking the time to examine the entire case and together we gain an understanding of the underlying issues, review the evidence gathered by the police, and develop what will likely be the prosecutor’s theory of the case. We can also talk about any favorable sentencing arrangements that may apply to  keep the offense off your record, such as sentencing pursuant to the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act “HYTA” or MCL 333.7411 “7411.” This enables us to walk in to court with a strategy to achieve the best outcome possible, and because of this my clients know what to expect. Having represented clients facing a variety of different criminal charges, often involving possession or delivery and manufacturing of drugs, I know that I can bring my experience to your case and work to obtain the best results possible.

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