Drunk Driving

I have had many clients who are otherwise law-abiding, conscientious, successful individuals charged with a drunk driving (DUI, OWI, OWPD, ect.) after a night out on the town. A DUI is one of the most common criminal charges for an individual to face in southeastern Michigan. In fact, for many of my clients a drunk driving is their first exposure to the criminal justice system. While there are several different categories of alcohol related driving charges, at the end of the day all have very serious consequences. Unfortunately, most clients simply do not understand the lasting affect a DUI can have on their license, car insurance, and ability to work or travel. Moreover, many people are unaware of what probation will really entail or the likelihood of jail as a result of a few mistakes along the way. Hiring the right attorney is the first step to mounting a solid defense and limiting the dire consequences of a drunk driving. I always review the entire case with the client so that we can walk through the court process step by step together. Once we both have an understanding of the issues and the evidence we can develop a strategy for success. This requires familiarity with the law, the police department, the prosecutor, and knowledge of how each judge handles specific cases. This is particularly true in Oakland and Macomb County, as the two court systems are very different. I know that I can bring my experience to your case and work to obtain the best results possible.

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